Bicester Lawn Tennis Club
Singles Tournament 2019


The first Singles Tournament was held this Summer and was a great success - it will definitely be held again

The format was as follows:

  • every player played every other player in a game consisting of 16 serves/points
  • racket spin decided server and choice of ends
  • server served 8 consecutive serves (normal second serve changing sides [not ends] between serves)
  • players then changed ends and opponent does the same (i.e. 8 consecutive serves with normal second serve changing sides, [not ends] between serves)
  • normal scoring didnít apply (i.e. no 15, 30, 40, deuces or tie-breaks etc.)
  • players scored one point for each point won and their total score determined their end position

Competitors line up after the first Singles Tournament - the standard of tennis was great to watch

Congratulations to Winner Cosmin Jica, Jamie Felton and Neal Rowe who took 2nd and 3rd places

Special mention to Anthony Sol (who showed us that he is definitely one for the future)

Karen Lim/Nick Adams
Joint Organisers (with technical support from Kevin)